Your shipments, we value it most.

Yes ! This is because the intrinsic value of any shipment along its logistics flow is comprised of many elements: cargo value, transport cost, profit, security, time, expectation as well as many others. The combination of all such contributes to the ultimate satisfaction by the end user.

ENL Shenzhen prides its market position as a global logistics service provider since its etablishment in 2004, from simply functioning as a booking agent for its single country clients to providing a comprehensive scope of logistics services for its diversified profolio of clients all over the world, through its expertise and professionalism in ocean and air freight forwarding, warehousing & distribution, buyers consolidation program, special containers handling, project cargo, exports & imports customs clearing, multimodal transports, cargo insurance as well as logisitcs consultancy service. Our proven business record has kept our service integrity through times.

Today, we are incessantly striving for our vision to providing the excellence in global logistics service for our clients across the continents. We trust that only by being able to accomplish such, that our clients value us most which in return will lead to clients satisfaction and win-win by both.


Name Excel Network (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Year of establishment 2004
Address Room F, 12/F., Seaview Plaza, 18 Taizi Road, Shekou, Shenzhen 518067 China.
Telephone Telephone: +86-755-26856167
Home website www.enlsz.com
Nature of business Land, ocean, air exports & imports freight forwarding, agency, warehousing, consolidation, customs clearing, insurance, NVOCC, freight consultancy.
Number of group employees 120
Geographical service scope China to / from global multi trade lanes.


CHINA - MOFTEC licensed International Freight Forwarder
(Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation of China)
- NVOCC license
(Ministry of Communication of China)
- China International Freight Forwarder Association (CIFA), member
USA - Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) bonded,
(Federal Maritime Commission)
- Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism approved (C-TPAT)
(U.S. Customs and Border Protection)
HongKong - Hong Kong Association of Freight Fowarding and Logistics Ltd. (HAFFA), member


Our mission statements To our customers, be :
* INITIATIVE in providing excellent service.
* RESPONSIVE to satisfying its requirements.
* COST SAVINGS MINDED for keeping its competitiveness.
Our vision * Achieving excellence in global logistics service for our clients.
Our motto * Your shipments, we value it most.

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